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Risk Control Information for
Charity and Non-Profit

Risk Control Bulletins

  • Above-Ground Oil Tanks
    Oil tank, line and fitting failures and subsequent spills, as well as oil theft and / or attempted theft are growing problems.
  • Refugee Sponsorship
    Enormous rewards… and potential risks: Canadians have a proud history of providing humanitarian aid to individuals and families who are escaping conflict, persecution and human rights abuses in their homelands.
  • Fire Safety on Construction and Demolition Sites
    Best Practices to Help Protect People and Property: Fire is often cited as the most dangerous hazard on both construction and demolition sites.
  • Maintaining Your Heritage Property
    Protect the past. Safeguard the future: Heritage properties pay tribute to our nation’s history and our diverse cultures.
  • When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Knowledge is the Best Kind of Power.
    The electric charge which flows into your property through electric circuits carries enough power to cause serious personal injury – electric shock, burn, even death.

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