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Claims Services

Ecclesiastical Claims Services - man on the phone

Our claims service commitment

When it comes to claims, Ecclesiastical has two overriding goals : to handle all claims fairly, quickly and honestly and to return our customers’ communities to normal as soon as possible. We believe in a pro-active, non-adversarial approach to managing claims and to arriving at a fair settlement, we take great pride in providing excellent claims service through.

Prompt communication

Our Ecclesiastical claims representative contacts our customer within 24 hours. Close communication is essential for a successful claim and we work closely with customers and their brokers throughout the process.

Comprehensive information

Our claims representative keeps customers informed at all times — explaining insurance coverages, outlining next steps, and responding to questions and concerns in a timely fashion.

An exceptional team

Our claims representatives are highly skilled professionals with the experience and expertise required to handle the unique risks we protect. They are also uniquely qualified to provide the outstanding, empathetic service our customers expect.