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Here’s what our business interns and graduates say

Matthew Pollock, BACS, FCIP, CRM

Production Underwriter, Central Region

Nathan Campbell, B.Com

Business Intern

Ecclesiastical’s Business Intern Program introduces participants to all aspects of commercial insurance using a hands-on, rotational format. As a result of this comprehensive and unique approach, my knowledge and appreciation of the industry has developed tremendously. Since I entered the Program, I have spent time in Central Region and National Programs. I have had the opportunity to meet with brokers, attend conferences, and underwrite unique risks. These experiences have allowed me to fine-tune my existing skills and develop many new ones. The friendship and “mentorship” of everyone at Ecclesiastical — including all levels of staff, as well as senior management — have been especially gratifying. Their feedback and support are unparalleled and I learn so much from them every single day.

Ecclesiastical encourages Business Interns to aim high and teaches us how to do it by sharing knowledge and setting the example. While there is much more to learn, I believe that I am well on my way to a promising insurance career. Most importantly, I am honoured to be part of a company with a proud history, solid values and outstanding business practices.

Nicky Stone, BA (Hons)

Business Intern

The first eight months of the Business Intern Program have proven to be a rewarding learning experience every day. I have had the opportunity to develop many skills through the mentorship and guidance of today’s leading industry professionals. I have gained experience in various areas, including underwriting specialty commercial insurance and conducting risk inspections. I have also learned how a tri-lateral approach — an approach that sets Ecclesiastical apart — is key to building valuable working relationships with brokers and clients. The Business Intern Program’s pace and intensity encourage wide-ranging growth in a supportive learning environment. The focus on high ethical standards and a shared culture that values giving back to the community creates a unique professional development opportunity. This comprehensive and exciting program is enabling me to acquire the resources and skills I need to become a future leader in the insurance industry.

Matthew Pollock, BACS, FCIP, CRM

Production Underwriter, Central Region

The Business Intern Program provided me with new and exciting challenges every day. Not a day went by where I did not learn something new which makes my job both rewarding and enjoyable. I was originally drawn to Ecclesiastical by its culture and values and its financial strength. While in the program, I rotated through each department, gaining the skills and knowledge required in each area. This experience was invaluable. As a graduate, I am well on my way to becoming a well-rounded insurance professional.

Tina Budnarain, BSc (Hons), CIP

Underwriter, Central Region

My internship was an exceptionally rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to work in every department, experience different aspects of the industry and build a solid foundation for my career. I am especially proud to have been one of the first interns admitted into the program.

Upon ‘graduation’ in 2008, I started working with the Business Solutions team. I helped introduce new business processes that enabled colleagues in other departments meet their needs, worked on the launch of our web site, helped develop customer surveys and much more. I spent three years in Business Solutions and it was a wonderful experience. It gave me the best possible grasp of the business as a whole.

Following a year’s mat leave, I had the opportunity to work in Risk Control and that is where I am today. Risk Control is one of Ecclesiastical’s key differentiators — a value-added service that truly sets us apart — and I am happy to be part of our cross-Canada risk team. My job includes meeting with customers, building relationships with outside vendors, working on the web site, developing customized Risk Control presentations and pro-active, customized Risk Control tools for different customers segments. From time to time, I even accompany our risk specialists on site valuations.

Although I have completed the program, I am happy to be in a work environment that fosters continuous learning. At Ecclesiastical, whether you are a business intern, graduate or seasoned professional, we believe that ‘you learn something new every day.’ This, too, sets us apart.