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Message from the VP, Operations and Risk Control

Colin Robertson

We help you manage risk and protect your community

At Ecclesiastical, we believe that prevention is better than cure and that an informed customer is a better customer. That is why our proactive approach to risk control includes educating and supporting our customers to mitigate risk and protect their communities.

We offer customers specialized risk management advice and tools to assist in identifying, managing and mitigating risk – thereby maximizing insurance budgets. Risk Control Specialists in each of our regional offices provide customers with unique building valuations and appraisal services, free of charge.

Educational materials are available in a variety of formats, including : Risk Control Guidelines, Bulletins, Fact Sheets and Press Releases. In addition, we facilitate risk management seminars on a wide range of relevant topics such as arson and elder abuse.

It is our goal to assist you in protecting your premises and property, and the health, safety and security of the communities you serve.

If you are an Ecclesiastical customer or Broker partner, you can easily access a wide range of risk control material. Simply log in to your dedicated portion of our site and download White Papers, Safety Bulletins, Guidance Notes, checklists and various other customized – and customizable – risk management tools.

For more information about our Risk Control services, contact your Broker or the Ecclesiastical office in your area.