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Ecclesiastical Business Intern Program

Ecclesiastical Business Intern Program - three young business people

In-depth and hands-on

The Ecclesiastical Business Intern Program was developed for recent university graduates whose expressed goals are to build careers in commercial specialty insurance, as well as for young people already in the workforce who are looking for a new career path. The three-year program provides an exciting, challenging and accelerated learning opportunity, unparalleled in the insurance industry.

The program, which includes mentoring by senior management, takes a hands-on approach to learning and to growing leadership from within. Business Interns – who become “Business Associates” after their first year – are offered ample opportunities to work with brokers and customers and participate in important projects.

At Ecclesiastical, we believe that good business leaders must champion corporate social responsibility. We, therefore, place our business interns with local philanthropic organizations so that they may gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the organization’s efforts while volunteering their time and skills. Interns who have completed these assignments have a far greater respect for the work of non-profits and volunteers, and for the importance of “giving back” – both corporately and personally.

Two learning streams

Ecclesiastical Business Intern Program - four young business people at a table

The Business Intern Program includes two learning streams :

  1. A rotational component in which Interns participate in every aspect of the business – from underwriting and corporate services to risk control and claims services. Interns are also placed in the community to develop an understanding of the types of organizations we serve. Each rotation is designed to develop specific technical and leadership skills.
  2. Full sponsorship to the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) Program offered by the Insurance Institute of Canada. Leading to an internationally recognized professional designation, CIP requires students to take 10 courses and write a final national exam for each course.

By supplementing CIP coursework with practical property and casualty experience, our Business Interns acquire an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, as well as Ecclesiastical’s role as a unique commercial specialty insurer in the Canadian market.

For a full program outline, please email recruiting@eccles-ins.com