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Employee Survey

Employee Survey - Woman giving thumbs up

Great scores on our employee survey

As a company, we do our best to create a professional, collegial, and customer-focused work environment, and to provide all our employees with opportunities to grow and succeed. In 2015, we conducted an employee satisfaction survey to see how we were doing. We wanted to check the pulse of our organization, track our progress since the success of our last survey in 2014, and get the kind of employee feedback that would help shape our strategies for ongoing success.

Our customers, many of whom are at the very heart of their communities, depend on us to protect their people and their property. This is a significant responsibility and we are committed to being the best. That’s why we bring talented, enthusiastic, and ambitious people on board – people who can help us make a real difference. Here’s what they have said about working at Ecclesiastical :

46 survey questions addressed the “4 Cs” of employee satisfaction :

Commitment • Culture • Communication • Compensation

Here are some of our scores :

  • 92% response rate
  • 92% of our employees are satisfied with Ecclesiastical as an employer
  • 96% agreed that the organization is a socially responsible employer
  • 82% of our employees agreed that they are sufficiently challenged and motivated in their work
  • 88% stated that they have good cooperation between the teams with whom they work
  • 84% of employees stated that their managers communicated effectively and recognized and acknowledged them for a job well done
  • 70% agreed that they were satisfied with the total benefits package

Once again, we did well and we are very proud of the results. We look forward to building on this solid foundation by continuing to listen to our employees and by providing all the support they need.