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What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique - Hands holding a seedling

We are owned by a charitable trust

Ecclesiastical Insurance is owned by Allchurches Trust Limited (ATL), one of the largest registered charities in the United Kingdom. With the exception of operating funds, all our income is turned over to ATL and re-distributed to charitable initiatives. Our business philosophy emphasizes trust and integrity in all our dealings.

Our customers’ needs are front and center

Given that our profits are redistributed to charitable initiatives, we have a very different view of business needs and profits. We are satisfied with moderate business returns and, as a result, we are uniquely positioned to place the needs of our policyholders at the forefront. Our business model is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

We take a “trilateral partners” approach

At Ecclesiastical, we believe that a partnership among insurer, broker and insured is the best way to protect customers’ interests. So we do everything possible to build and maintain this kind of inclusive relationship. From the very outset, we will work closely with you and your broker to develop customized insurance and risk control programs that respond to the specific long-term needs of your organization.

We work with an exceptional broker network

Ecclesiastical is represented across Canada by a network of experienced and highly regarded independent brokers. We are very proud of the excellent relationships we have with some of the finest insurance brokers in the country. To find a broker near you, contact one of our Regional Offices.