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Our Canadian Teams

Ecclesiastical Insurance: Our Canadian Teams

Ecclesiastical across Canada

Each member of Ecclesiastical’s Canadian team has in-depth, diversified knowledge, many years of experience, and the interpersonal skills required to build strong and lasting relationships with customers and brokers. Here’s what sets our teams apart :

An overriding customer focus

We have an absolute commitment to understanding customers’ needs and to designing insurance products and services to meet them.

An inclusive and collaborative approach

We work in a trilateral partnership with customers and their brokers to develop insurance solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs.

Outstanding industry expertise

Our in-depth knowledge is based on industry education, a range of professional designations, as well as extensive and multi-faceted practical experience.

A commitment to our communities and heritage

Our insurance solutions and services are dedicated to preserve and protect Canada’s distinct communities, cultures, history and heritage.

Shared values

We foster a corporate culture that values those who enrich the lives of others and treats everyone with empathy, dignity and respect.

A visionary business goal

Our goal is to operate a successful business with the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Other than the funds required for business operations, profits are returned to our parent company, a charitable trust, for redistribution to charitable initiatives.