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Giving Back

Giving Back - Eastern team cleaning up a park

Giving back is central to our values and our culture

Over the past decade or so, we have seen the emergence of a corporate culture that champions social responsibility and philanthropy. At Ecclesiastical, these principles have always been central to our values and have guided our efforts since our inception way back in the 19th century. We are involved in the cultural life of our communities and actively support the arts, museums and cultural centres through corporate memberships.

We support a wide range of initiatives

We believe strongly in contributing to the communities in which we live and work, as well as to national and global organizations dedicated to eradicating poverty, finding cures for diseases and enhancing the common good. Over the past decade, we have supported a wide range of faith, charitable and community initiatives, among them :

We advocate staff volunteerism

We encourage everyone on our staff to learn more about the needs of our communities and to make volunteerism an integral part of their lives. Each staff member has a yearly company-sponsored day to participate in local charitable events.

Social responsibility is integral to leadership training

Our Business Intern Program is designed to train our future leaders. Our Interns are required to lend their time and business skills to community organizations and are placed with non-profit organizations for a minimum three-month period. In Toronto, for example, they have worked with The Heart and Stroke Foundation and Kids Help Phone.