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After-hours Claims

Emergency Claims Call :


Steps To Take To Prevent Further Damage…

For Claims, contact :

Jane Williamson, Vice President Claims
Office : 1.416.484.4914 ; Cell : 1.647.292.5463

Annie Leong, National Claims Specialist
Office : 1.604.605.1090 ; Cell : 1.604.365.6127

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Why Ecclesiastical

As an independent insurance company owned by Allchurches Trust, we approach business from a totally different perspective. We put customers’ needs at the forefront ; work closely the finest independent insurance brokers across Canada and foster collaborative “trilateral” relationships with broker partners and customers. As a result, we help mitigate risk, thereby reducing loss and delivering the best value.

Find a Broker

Ecclesiastical has Regional Offices in every part of Canada and works with a coast-to-coast network of outstanding brokers. Simply contact the Regional Manager in your area and they will be delighted to help you.